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 About Legend and Rules

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PostSubject: About Legend and Rules   Thu Apr 17, 2008 7:46 pm

About us
Legend guild has been created by RivaL(me) and bluVodka(Guild Master).
Why created Legend Guild? We only wan make our community growing, make Friends, Party, Guild Event (Sponsor by MASTER GUILD), ETC.


-No hacking or botting
-No pk-ing unless you were pked first.
-Do Not abuse any power that is given to you.
-No **-ing other people unless they ksed first.
-No vulgarities in shout chat.
-Do Not insult about other players, races ,and nation.
-Chat is necessary but spamming in guild channel is STRICTLY prohibited

If we found out that you are breaking any rules which is stated above, immediate action will be taken.
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About Legend and Rules
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